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Thirumular, the author of Thirumandiram was one of the eight disciples of Nandeeswar. He was known as Sundarar while residing in the Mount Kailaas, the abode of Lord Siva in the Himalayas.

Sundarar came to Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu to worship Lord Shiva and after the darshan remained in Tamil Nadu for preaching Saiva system of worship.  One day he happened to witness the tragic end of Mulan, a shepherd.  He was driving the cow’s home.  All of a sudden he fell down and died.  The cows stood around the corpse and grieved the loss of their master.  The cows out of their affection for their herdsman went around his body smelling him, licking him and crying.

The yogi who told the world that Love is Lord Shiva felt he would remove their suffering by His grace. Realizing that only if Mulan came alive the cows would get consoled, he, a splendid siddha fortified his body and introduced his soul into the body of the herdsman.

The cows relieved of their gloom licked him in joy, went around happily grazing on the riverbanks. The merciful siddha safeguarded them till they grazed enough and returned after drinking water from the river. As the sun red in the heat went to have a dip in the ocean the cows thinking of their calves started walking back towards the village. The sage who showed a supreme path to the world calmly followed them.

He waited till all the cows entered their respective houses. Wife of the herdsman Mulan saw him delaying to enter the house. Anxiously she went to touch him, but he refused saying there was no relation between them and went into a common mutt.

The lady who had no offspring or relatives could not sleep throughout the night. She cried and lamented to the elderly people of the town about his new behavior. Those people of well analyzing capacity told the girl that he was neither mad nor had he any other association. He staying beyond the skewed ness of mind, in the crystal clear shivayoga, in the height of glory immeasurable for any human would not fit into relationship she had, they advised her.

The sage Thirumlar in such a wonderful state got up and returned the way he came following the cowherd. The sage could not find the body he had kept it safe. He realized through his vision of spiritual wisdom that it was God's grace that way in order to give in Tamil through his words the supreme Agamas that the Cool-matted haired Lord gave for this world to follow and get enlightened. He explained to the relatives who continued behind him the non-continuation of the bonds.

Sitting under the shade of peepul (arasu) tree in ultimate Shiva yogam he gave the holy Thirumandhiram a marvelous medicine for the illness of incarnation. Staying on this earth for three thousand years, a blessed time for the upbringing of humankind he reached in non-separation the holy feet of the Almighty.

Note: The life history of other 17 siddhars will be updated shortly

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