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Rasamani Siddhar


A few words about Rasamani Siddhar and Rasamani products

I know Rasamani Siddhar from my boyhood. Dev as he was known in his youth and I spent most of our time like any other normal youth, playful, adventurous and sometimes childish. We use to discuss about God, man, society, life and its mysteries. Sometimes our discussion will heat up into intense arguments and swearing.

One day we had an argument about Rasamani. To my scientific mind I thought the mythical and miraculous powers of rasamani beads and their use by ancient siddhars were the product of imagination and not real. What started as a petty argument turned out to be a life ambition for siddhar. He earnestly started probing into the reality of Rasamani.

Life took us into different direction and I lost contact of Dev for a long time. When I met Dev again  he was already a siddha purusha. To prove that rasamani could be bound siddhar demonstrated it in front of my eyes. I even filmed the event with his permission. I started wearing the rasamani and slowly I could feel the subtle changes happening to me and my surroundings and have no appropriate words to express.

I tried to test siddhar and rasamani many time in the past years and found that they are beyond our understanding and calculations.

I wish Siddhar and his rasamani should reach out in a big way and benefit the entire humanity and I am ready to be an small instrument for this noble cause.

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