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Rasamani Siddhar

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Rasamani is priceless like the grace of Lord Shiva. Siddhar has come forward to sell Rasamani products mainly for two reasons. First it will help the possessor with grace, health, wealth and needless to say the spiritual growth which is more important than any other material prosperity. Secondly the market is flooded with fake Rasamani products and lot many people are being cheated.

Om Namashivaya

Price List
Price list

Payment and Delivery
Please contact by phone for details- +91 9841113234 / +917299907010
Note: Please allow 15 to 20 days for delivery as the Rasamani products need to be charged with Lord Shiva's grace by performing special pooja.

Let the grace of Lord Shiva fill the whole world

Phone: +91 7299907010 / +91 9841113234